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The hidden city of Gondolin sat in the valley of Tumladen, surrounded by the encircling mountains of the Crissaegrim. It was founded by Turgon on the advice of Ulmo.

The city remained hidden for nearly 400 years while the other Noldor settlements in Middle-earth were overrun by the forces of Morgoth.

It was eventually destroyed following the betrayal of Maeglin, when Morgoth unleashed his full power on the city. Dragons, balrogs, wolves and orcs besieged the city and Turgon was killed. Tuor, Idril and the young Eärendil escaped to safety though a secret tunnel.

The map also features the island of Tol Sirion where Sauron fought and killed Finrod Felagund, and where Luthien rescued Beren from the dungeons of Minas Tirith (Tol-in-Gaurhoth).

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